This is our sweet little girl named Sunshine. She is very playful but
always wants to be by my side. She loves toys, but is also
affectionate. Sunshine has a chocolate nose and green eyes.
Champion-Sired Libby is a classic black and white Shih Tzu. She is a beautiful girl and has
such a darling face.  She is full of energy and loves to play with her Shih Tzu buddy Bootsy.
I am so thrilled to have added this beauty to our family.
The dogs on this page are
these are our dogs that
we love and cherish and
live in our home with us.  
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Introducing Champion-Sired Bootsy!  She is a rare solid silver color and we cannot wait for
her to bring us some beautiful babies in the future.  She is full of energy and she loves to
run and play with her best buddy Libby. She is an awesome addition to our family.
This is our pretty girl named Isadorabelle AKA "Izzy",  She is solid white and has gold ears
and a black nose.  She is a sweet girl and she gets along well with all of the dogs.  Izzy has
the cutest happy dance that she performs when I call her name.  
Meet Cammy, our tri-colored sweet girl.  Cammy has the perfect temperament.
She gets along with the other dogs, and she loves attention from her human
mommy.  She is an all-around good girl and she likes to wiggle her butt when she
knows I am talking to her.
Cashmere is a pretty solid white, chocolate-nosed girl with a cute smile and sweet
disposition.  She is still a youngster and not quite ready to be a mommy just yet.
I can hardly wait to see the pretty puppies that will surely look like her.