Divine Design Shih Tzu

We are the proud owners of some beautiful Shih Tzu dogs/puppies in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area of Texas. Our dogs are members of the family, and are given tons of love and attention on a daily basis.  

Our dogs are carefully selected from quality Shih Tzu breeders throughout the US.  We know that our beautiful dogs will pass on their excellent personality traits and breed conformation to their puppies. We love our Shih Tzu and it shows!

All of our dogs are AKC registered. We are AKC inspected, and in 100% compliance.


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If you wish to purchase a Shih Tzu, please read through our contract carefully.  All puppies are sold as pets only with Ltd. AKC registration.  Additionally, all of our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Full AKC registration may be available to known and established Shih Tzu breeders at a higher price. All puppies will come with a one-year health guarantee. Read our contract here:

Puppy Contract (NEW)PDF (3).pdf

Shipping InfoNot offered at this time (until further notice)

USDA rules require that a puppy cannot be shipped sight unseen.  We will gladly work with a person of your choosing prior to shipping.  Due to several recent changes in the airline industry, our puppies will only be delivered via a pet nanny.  A pet nanny is a person who will fly with your puppy on an airplane, and who is able to take the puppy on the plane as a carry-on item.  The puppy is then delivered to you in person at the airport closest to you (in most cases). Local pick-up is preferred.

Deposit info:

A $400 deposit will be required in order to place a hold on a puppy. Deposits are normally accepted about 10-14 days after the puppies are born, assessed, priced, and posted for sale on the website. 

 No puppy/adult dog will be considered on hold without a deposit.  We have a variety of ways to take the required deposit. Please contact us prior to sending a deposit so we can discuss payment options. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy/adult dog. By making a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by the seller in the Puppy Contract. Deposits are non-refundable.


All puppies are priced individually and prices are based on a combination of the following things:

Size, gender, color popularity, color rarity, demand, past sales, conformation to breed standards, overall appearance of the puppy, and my opinion of the puppy in general.  

All sales are subject to applicable sales tax.

Offer Only Info: (Offers Discontinued/ Prices are set as of 11-1-22)

Out of a concern for fairness, and to give more people an opportunity to own one of our puppies due to increased interest, some puppies may be sold by making an offer only. Any puppy that is marked in the text below their pic "Offer Only" you must submit a Puppy Offer Form (below) on this website. The minimum price is preset, and you can make the minimum offer, or a higher offer if you feel it necessary to secure the puppy as your own. Puppies sold on an Offer Only status will have an opening and closing date/time for submission of offers.  

Offers will be reviewed in order of highest to lowest. The highest offer with a seemingly suitable home will be contacted first. If all monetary offers are equal, we will select the buyer based on the information provided on the Puppy Offer Form.  

You will be contacted soon after the offer closing date/time if you are selected to purchase the puppy. You will be expected to place the $400 deposit to hold the puppy within 4 hours, or within a reasonable time frame that is agreeable with the seller. Many options for leaving a deposit are available. If you need more information, please contact us with your questions prior to filling out the Puppy Offer Form.

Charlotte and Coach

Puppies Due January 15th!

Blizzard and Hustler

Puppies Due January 27th!

Skittles and Coach

Due February 3, 2024
  • Burleson, TX, USA
  • In- home breeder; must call for appt.